Champ Meet and Dues Reminders


Hard to believe the season is nearly over! A couple quick reminders and then some additional details about Championships since its coming quickly.

Dues: Swimtopia dues per athlete are due-please bring a check for your teams fees- this can be combined with the Champ entries check.  To see the amount/print a receipt for your records/treasure: Inside your TEAM Swimtopia-Reports-Swimtopia Per Athlete Fees (there are two versions, a summary or a detail).


1. Volunteers:

  • Officials: Your officials will hear directly from GASL soon about which meet they are working. The host teams will get this also. 
  • Volunteers: Volunteers is proportional to the number of athletes each team brings (per rules the volunteer assignments are reduced 1full meet volunteer spot for each official provided). These assignments are distributed at the seed meeting once the host team has entries to fairly distribute the workload. As parents are signing swimmers up for champ meets please prepare them to plan to volunteer and that those needs will be distributed at the seed meeting. *Host teams I made a spreadsheet for calculating this last year if you want it*

2. Seeding the Meets

  • Meet entries are due, locked in Swimtopia, on Sunday July 16th at 1:00pm. At this time you should also email your relay lists to the host team tech rep for each meet.
  • Reminder that swimmers need two splashes and can swim 3 Qualified Individual Events and 1 Relay or 2 Qualified Individual Events and 2 Relays in one of the three meets. They may not swim more than one meet per swimmer.
  • Host teams will send confirmation by 9pm Sunday to each team of entries with a report.

3. Seed Meeting

  • Monday July 17th 6:30pm-7:30pm  at the Fire Station.  This is open house style and not a formal meeting.

Teams should bring:

  • Printed copies of entries from Swimtopia for each meet including relays (sorted by swimmer)
  • A printed proof of times (“Qualifiers” report inside each champ meet-->entries-->Qualifiers) and proof of participation in two GASL Dual meets (“Eligible Athletes” report found in each champ meet under entries-->reports)
  • Printed copy of the Swimtopia Report "Meet Entry Fees" for each meet with a check to cover meet entries ($2.00 each individual event, Swimtopia will calculate this).
  • Check for Swimtopia per swimmer fees (see above)
  • Any extra ribbons! We are doing a ribbon collection to see if we can use those extra instead of letting them collect dust. 

Host Teams should bring:

  • Printed copy of entry report (Athlete Check In Report) from MAESTRO for each team sorted with 5th relay swimmers noted on this
  • Have computer and printer on hand
  • Team packets for each team: map of parking, seating diagram, volunteer assignments, warm-up assignments

On arrival teams will visit each champ meet table they are attending. They will submit their proof of splash and times reports. They will receive their entries and compare their report vs the Maestro report and sign the Maestro report as correct or bring any issues to the host team’s attention.

Please reach out with questions or check the rules (most of this is directly from those!).

A reminder: events may NOT be changed after the Sunday deadline. Meets may also not be changed. There is a narrow provision in the rules for mistakes leading to a change. 

Champ Meet Points of Contacts:


Entries/Tech: Jim Higgins: [email protected]

General Meet Questions: [email protected]

South River Colony:

Entries/Tech: Ashley Clempner, [email protected]


Entries/Tech: Dan Brodjieski  [email protected]

General Meet: [email protected]

Bay Hills:

Entries/Tech: Jason Geist: [email protected]

Bay Ridge:

Entries/Tech: Megan Reiter, [email protected]

Other questions: Erin Jaeger, [email protected]

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